Non-contact hand disinfection devices

Easy to use, functional disinfection stations,
suitable for use in any room.

MECHANICAL disinfecting station AT-M01
AUTOMATIC disinfection station AT-E01
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Disinfection station


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Jesteśmy Firmowym Warsztatem firmy ALEX - producenta samochodowych instalacji gazowych OPTIMA. Pracujemy w oparciu o najnowsze rozwiązania i technologie przy wsparciu Działu Badawczo - Rozwojowego.

Poza usługami z zakresu instalacji autogazu, oferujemy również: podnoszenie mocy, chiptuning, indywidualne modyfikacje aut, diagnostykę i wypalanie filtrów DPF, diagnostykę komputerową, diagnostykę elektroniki, badania na hamowni obciążeniowej, serwis aut elektrycznych, wymianę opon oraz inne usługi.

Hand sanitizers

Functional and easy to use dispensers, designed for safe hand disinfection. The stations are dedicated to places with high traffic and frequent disinfection, ie: hospitals, schools, service premises, restaurants, offices, offices and others.

Mechanical or electric version

We offer stations with a mechanical foot switch and an electric dispenser. Moreover, we manufacture devices for individual orders. We provide the possibility of full product personalization.

Why us?

We have been on the market for over 15 years - by choosing us, you choose a recognized and reliable brand.

ALEX TOOLS disinfecting devices are products entirely manufactured in Poland, in the production plant in Białystok. The production is carried out in accordance with the adopted Quality Policy and the use of modern technologies. Thanks to this, we directly control the quality of products and shorten logistics processes.

We focus on an individual and professional approach to executed orders. We quickly respond to the needs of the market and the expectations of our clients. We supply medical facilities, offices, manufacturing companies, enterprises and individual clients.

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