Quality control

Quality-measuring chamber

We have a modern, computerized quality control chamber equipped with professional devices.

Measuring equipment that allows accurate and quick control of made details. For measuring the characteristics we use both classic and manual details measuring tools, i.e. micrometres or diameters, as well as coordinate measuring machines (CMM):

  • CMM CRYSTA-Apex S7106 Mitutoyo
  • CMM Easy-Scope 3D Werth

and specialized equipment, such as:

  • Spectrometer Spectroport PXC01
  • Hardness Testers Rockwell Fenix 200ar iNNOVATEST
  • Compact Form Measuring Machine MarForm MMQ 150 Mahr
  • Hight Measuring Instrument Hite 700 TESA
  • Contour Measuring Station MarSurf CD120 Mahr
  • Surface Raughness Measuring Tester SJ-210 Mitutoyo

All our measuring devices have valid provocations and modeling certificates.


We have an optical scanner with a fully automatic basis for very precise measurement and control processes. The 3D scanner allows you to faithfully reproduce the item provided to us, develop its digital model, and then make a duplicate detail.

  • 3D Scanner - GOM ATOS CORE 135 with Scan Port